Embrace Technology, Embrace Successful Investments

Jaypee Capital is a technologically advanced brokerage business house. To minimise or completely eliminate downtime; we use high-frequency overclocked servers, a robust and reliable network infrastructure, L1 and L2 network devices, and multiple locations.

Access to international markets, Tier-1 Co-Location hosting, risk management solutions, and efficient technological infrastructure are all things Jaypee offers its clients. Major trading centres including Singapore, Chicago, New York, and Dubai are accessible to clients.

Global Exchange Access
Jaypee Capital offers customers effective connectivity solutions to the major exchanges in the world, owing to its access to international markets. We offer superior trading infrastructure and connectivity to the major international exchanges so that investors can tailor access and services to suit their requirements.

Hosting and Co-Location
Jaypee Capital provides co-location services which enable clients to conduct trades and connect securely to state-of-the-art technology that boasts nanosecond transaction promptness and removes pointless infrastructure costs. Our services include rack space, cooling and power while ensuring minimal latency and providing seamless access to global markets.
API and Algo services
We provide our clients with the ability to write an API to multiple third-party ISVs with access to all major trading venues. Our algorithms are robust. We have a team of software professionals who develop and continuously keep updating the in-house algorithmic software.