The Nexus Of All Key Brokering Needs

Jaypee's investment viewpoint is centred on advising clients to acquire the businesses and industries with the potential for development and solid technical fundamentals and to advise clients to sell in businesses & industries that have lost their appeal or are weaker in these areas. Keeping in mind their investing goals, individual financial status, time horizon, and risk-taking capacity, we offer exit/stop-loss or re-entry points in the relevant stocks or holdings of our customers to help them maximise their returns on the stocks they buy or sell.

As a member of every Indian stock exchange, Jaypee offers investors access to Indian equity and derivatives through our parent business, Jaypee Capital Services, increasing your potential for success. Institutions that trade and invest in the Indian markets can access our brokerage services through Jaypee Capital Services Limited.

We make sure that we are in step with the market through our market research and analysis, both on the bulls and bears sides, allowing us to maximise profits from profitable trades and minimise losses from errors.

At Jaypee, teams of skilled financial professionals constantly monitor a whole gamut of investment opportunities in companies so as to recommend buying/selling based on their analysis and research.


Jaypee Capital Services Domain Expertise

Service domains offered by Jaypee are

Capital Markets Segment (CM Segment)

Trading in equities, preference shares, debentures, warrants, exchange-traded funds, and retail government securities is made easy and transparent on the CM sector of the NSE. The operations of our company began in this industry. We have a wealth of business experience in this area.

Derivatives Segment

Financial contracts known as derivatives derive their value from an underlying asset. These could include equities, indexes, currencies, commodities, exchange rates, and interest rates. By placing bets on the appreciation of the underlying asset, these financial products assist you in generating income. We have been able to offer our clientele cutting-edge strategies thanks to our ongoing endeavours to thoroughly and fully comprehend this sector.

Client Relations

We prioritise ensuring constant customer satisfaction. We have a reputation for offering our customers prompt service. We make sure that clients receive individualised care that helps them to achieve their financial goals. Before you choose an investment, call us for the most recent information on all the stocks. If you need advice, one of our seasoned professionals will be happy to provide it.

Equity Analysis

At Jaypee Capital, we combine our industry knowledge and the research analysts' ability to give our clients the correct info and insights.


Types of Brokerage Services

Jaypee Capital provides different kinds of broking/dealing services:

Dealing Service

Customers can place orders via phone or email, and a trader will confirm the order as per our regular standard of operation. The clients can return at any time to verify if the trade has been successfully carried out or not. Following the completion of the trading session, confirmation of the trades will be provided. Buyers can send or collect payments, deliveries, etc.

Advisory Service

All of your orders and the verification of trade executions will be handled by a personal trader who has been assigned to you. Any substantial market and share price changes will be reported to you by the trader. Daily recommendations on how to increase your profits by purchasing, selling, or holding the scrips are provided to you. Fax, email, and telephone confirmations are all acceptable methods of delivery. For our customers who are in the vicinity, we will collect deliveries, checks, and any other paperwork.

Proprietary Trading

Jaypee Capital specializes in proprietary trading as well.

The financial market has several significant segments, with trading being one of them. Among other financial instruments, trading takes place in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivatives.

An exchange member who trades on their own behalf is said to be engaging in "Proprietary Trading." Members are urged to identify the type of order, such as whether it is a "Client order" or "Proprietary order," as required by SEBI and in accordance with the bylaws.

Our clients receive real-time quotes from us, guaranteeing that they don't miss the bus and have instant access to trustworthy data. We provide a distinctive platform that employs a high-frequency, proprietary algorithm based on AI and ML. The trading platform helps users examine data and place trades at a rate and frequency that is impractical for humans to match. Our algorithm trading in the equities, currency, and commodities markets is based on behavioural science and artificial intelligence. To set ourselves apart, we diligently study and perfect our cutting-edge technologies. Our distributed platform integrates strong risk management, automated opportunity search, and execution to produce consistent profits from scalable, cutting-edge trading techniques. DGCX, SGX, COMEX, NYMEX, NSE, BSE, and MCX have all given their seal of approval to our best-in-class proprietary algorithm, which was developed by experts. For the past many years, the platform has been used and tested. Through co-location at numerous exchanges throughout the world, our system has a demonstrated track record for executing big orders. By using leased lines, all of our servers are linked in real-time.


Internet Trading

Savings alone won't be enough to cover entirety your expenses, let alone fight inflation, therefore investing is crucial. Investment or trading habits encourage you to set aside a specific sum on a regular basis for profitable investments, which instils financial stability in your lifestyle.

Depending on your choices and convenience, one can select from a number of investment and trading options & platforms. These platforms make trading simple by enabling high-speed trading.

Technology improvement has led to a huge increase in the use of online trading platforms. Online trading is the practise of buying and selling financial products utilising a trading platform over the internet. Investors can purchase bonds, stocks (shares), foreign currencies, futures, and other financial instruments online nowadays

You can simply place trade orders or cancel orders at any time from the convenience of your own home or workplace by opening demat and trading account with Jaypee. Within 24 hours of the trade's closure, we'll send you a digital contract note, along with a quarterly report of digitally received funds.