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At Jaypee Capital, we identify that capital gains flow from well-planned investment strategic schemes. As strong advocates of allowing our clientele of all spectrums to define their personal and professional investment objectives, it is our responsibility to deliver the highest possible standard of support in a cost-effective, efficient, secure, and convenient way.

We offer all of the tools and services required by our clients to lessen the administrative difficulties of financial management. Without having to worry about money, it allows them to concentrate on building their business and improving their craft. Our trained and competent staffs offer individualised guidance to help you make wise financial choices and develop a solid portfolio.


Hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, Other Asset Managers, Global Corporations & private offices.

Our institutional and corporate clients receive highly personalised solutions at Jaypee Capital. Hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, professional traders and other asset managers, worldwide enterprises, and family offices are among our clientele in this segment.


Traders and investors of all competence levels and portfolio sizes.

Jaypee is committed to serving our Individual Clients with high-quality solutions, strategies, and services. Our competent and experienced specialists serve as your advisor, assisting you in making informed investment decisions and building a strong financial profile. Traders and investors of varied echelons are among our clientele in this segment.

Traders and Investors

Traders and Investors who have a special interest in the Indian market — focus on Foreign Institutional Investors and Non-Resident Indians. Brokerage services in India are offered by Jaypee Capital Services Ltd. and service the capital markets, derivatives, dealing, advisory and other segments.